Many variables must be considered when constructing a historic ship model. Most important is to have well-documented plans of the ship.

A number of ship kit manufactures have done an outstanding job in checking the historic accuracy of their products. Their work, coupled with additional research and skilled craftsmanship, results in models of museum quality.

While the process is easily outlined, the number of precisely made components are numerous and the construction time is measured in hundreds of hours.

Construction typically proceeds as follows:

  • frames are erected on a keel
  • the hull is planked
  • the deck is planked
  • deck furniture and fittings are added
  • masts and spars are built
  • the ship is rigged
  • finishing touches such as anchors and ship’s boats
  • finishes – paints and/or stains and varnish are applied throughout the process as required for the desired result.